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America's Second Revolution

Book 1

Is a story dystopian when the warning it conveys is destined to come to pass?

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Two decades after the Wave of Destruction that nearly destroyed America, the United States is no longer recognizable. Dictator Joseph Stoner has made of it a society in his own image. A society where, though there is no freedom, there is also no opposition to his tyrannical rule. The weekend sabbath, where food, beer, and weed are handed out freely, has replaced self-will, disapproval, and even ambition in the soul of Americans.

When three kids, Zammi, his sister Sydney, and their friend Straz sneak into the forbidden structure that was once Philadelphia's Parkway Central Library, they realize how much has been lost. Not just gadgets and other possessions of a once wealthy nation, but a sense of community, truth, and freedom as well.


With their interest peaked they begin a quest for knowledge that leads them into a partnership with Jeffrey Sullivan – the last old person in America, Lissa – the Voice of Stoner, and Eddy – a skinny black dude full of brains and brashness, and soon a movement is born.

World Castle

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Determined to make things right, they create a clandestine organization called the Liberation and embark on a risky plan to overthrow Stoner. 

Read, A Road To Redemption, to see what becomes of our heroes and the thousands of liberators they recruit to take back America. Be prepared though. At times this is a tough read told from the not-so-refined mouth of Zammi himself.

Reader's Favorite

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5 Star Review

A Road to Redemption: America's Second Revolution by Mark F. Geatches narrates the story of three young characters on the journey to redeeming America from tyranny and apathy. After two decades of destruction and pillaging have decimated the United States, Joseph Stoner, a ruthless dictator, succeeds in breaking the will of the people. A general sense of ruthlessness and apathy sweeps across the country. But a fortuitous visit to the forbidden structure that was once Philadelphia’s Parkway Central Library opens the eyes of siblings Zammi and Sydney and their best friend, Straz, to how far the country has fallen. They understand that America was once a free nation with a strong sense of community and democracy. They want that country back, so they set out to create the shadowy revolutionary movement called The Liberation. Their mission: to overthrow the president.


This is a prophetic novel that mirrors contemporary reality and gives a powerful warning to readers: America can be headed towards ruin if the violence and divisive language that gain ground every day don’t give way to a society where people respect the values of democracy and community. The writing is really gorgeous and sprinkled with wonderful social commentaries. From the midst of despair, young heroes rise to save the country. The plot is ingeniously written and I loved the fact that kids have to visit a ruined library to learn about the greatness of their country. I rooted for the young protagonists and enjoyed the humor written into the narrative. While A Road to Redemption: America's Second Revolution is an entertaining story, it is one that prompts readers to heed the signs of the times and leaders to shift their focus from personal ambitions to serving the people. A fascinating story, indeed!

Roy's ingenious use for my books.jpeg

Every once in a while a friend comes through for you, and here's a good example. I let my friend Roy purchase my books and gave him permission to use them however he sees fit. 

Since reading them is out of the question, he has come up with this attractive, practical, and ingenious use for my books. 

I'm sure he hasn't thought of this, but say he runs out of that second roll of toilet paper. Wala. Like I always say, paper is as paper does.

For other helpful uses for my books, read this quest post I wrote for

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