Some writers believe they live vicariously through their characters. Not me. My characters live vicariously through me.    - Mark F. Geatches


You're not likely to find much of an online presence of mine outside of this website. It's just not me. But I'd still love to hear from you.


Wait -- An old friend of mine (she's not really old -- well maybe she is) who will remain nameless (Ellen) told me I'm crazy (can you believe that?) and that I do need on online presence. I signed up for twitter as a result of the insult and await any and all responses, whatever they are called. (I wrote this many months ago - I'm still waiting for that first Twit, or whatever they call them, directed my way.


If you'd rather communicate like a normal person, please leave me a note below, and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter for the can't live without, once every two or three year updates on my career.

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