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Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren’t very new after all.    -Abraham Lincoln

Tamar & PJ: One Giant Adventure

World Castle Publishing

I began writing Tamar & PJ somewhere around 2006. I lived in Central Florida at the time, and owned a lawn mower shop. I had the brilliant idea that instead of providing, what amounted to one service or sale per customer, I would create one thing and sell it to the masses. I chose to write a book. Sounds easy right? Well, there’s only one problem. Writing is hard and the business of writing is harder still.


So, without the hindrance of understanding reality, (something that comes naturally to me) I sat in my backyard hammock, grabbed a beer, a pen, and a pad of paper and began writing my first best seller. Since then I’ve learned that no one ever sells their first novel. Luckily I didn’t know that at the time either. So after taking a writing course, performing many top to bottom rewrites, several rounds of editing, and a stint where I thought I could never complete the book without a co-author, I finally finished.

World Castle

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That’s when I learned that the real work had just begun. Without going into the gory details, I’ll just say that rejection is worse than a punch in the face. Thankfully stubbornness is one of my strong suits and before long, Karen at World Castle Publishing decided to take a chance on an unknown author. A lot of good that's done her, right?

Ron with book 4.jpg

Friend Ron stunned and

amazed that there are no pictures in my book.

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Things You Should Know About Tamar & PJ

Crane reading to Dad.JPG
Roy's If at first you don't succeed tric
Paul with my book.jpg

Cousin Paul

showing off his

massive arms.

He's also 

holding my book.

Highly intelligent

sandhill crane reading

to my dad.

Either that or she's attacking and he's fending her off. Yet another good use for my book. Especially the hardback.

Actually she is reading it to him. Poor guy only has

a sixth grade education.

Pronunciation guide:


Tamar                         Tay-mar

PJ                               Pee-yott (Pronounced with the German J. Just kidding. It’s just PJ.)

Geber                         Gee-burr (Race of Giants.) 

Vorteh                         Vor-ta (Genetically altered humanoid species.)

Vortier                         Vor-teer (Vorteh soldier.)

Vledmaia City             Vled-my-a (Capitol city of Vordom.)

Kasak                         Caa-sik (Vorteh emporer's personal guards. Like the U.S. Secret Service.)

Lake Yahma                Lake Ya-mah

Krell                            Asshole (Read the book. You'll understand.)

Definitions and Special Features:


This book introduces one new humanoid species and re-introduces the Geber race.


-           The vorteh are a species of genetically enhanced humanoid. They have poisonous claw-like fingernails, a powerful stinging tail, and a protective exoskeleton. Vorteh are aggressive and bellicose. Some would say savage. The average vorteh male is heavily muscled and stands seven feet tall. The vorteh destroyed the entire Geber race in the Great War of Conquest.

-           The Geber are a race of giants that believe in passivity no matter the cost. Their formidable technology is either benign or defensive in nature. Tamar is a typical Geber standing over nine feet tall and weighing more than seven hundred pounds. You might remember hearing about a race of giants from the Bible, the most famous of which was Goliath who was slain by David.




-           Power Catcher:  This device utilizes the Geber principle of denstricity to supply energy to electric appliances. A miniscule, fixed singularity affects microscopic matter in the surrounding area. As that matter circulates just outside the event horizon it becomes denser, and as a result more energized. The highly energized material is then sent to electronic devices throughout the structure in the form of globules encased in helium modules. Every Geber building has one.

-           Thought Chamber:  A Geber transportation device built inside large tree trunks, in rock cropping, and inside caves that allow the Geber to travel instantly, by thought, from one chamber to any other on the grid. There are chambers all over the world.

-           Dimensional Shielding:  This technology renders all Geber and Vorteh structures undetectable through ….. How the hell do I know? I’m a writer not a scientist.

-           Infoscope:  A highly advanced communications and computing device, much like a personal computer. It is capable of accessing the World Wide Web and all other forms of human broadcast technology. One medical infoscope, named Cope, is sentient.

-           Weapons Module:  A Vorteh weapon worn as a backpack. Designed to fit one individual vortier (vorteh soldier), weapons modules contain a variety of weapons including a shield obliterator and an obedience gun. The module attaches directly to the wearer's nervous system through a port in the neck.




-           We discover that Tamar is Bigfoot in a suit fashioned from bear skins. What was merely a diversion from boredom for a lonely Giant, became legendary mythology to humanity. The notable bad smell of Bigfoot is nothing more than Tamar’s prolific flatulence. My brother Matt assures me that this misconception is entirely possible. Many people have mistaken him for Bigfoot while out of eye-shot for that very reason.

My friend Roy

after it took him four hours to read the

first six pages of

Tamar & PJ.

He assures me he loved it.

Not too smart but,

at least he's ugly.

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