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America's Second Revolution

Book 2

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After the failed assassination attempt on President Joseph Stoner, the Liberation, a group of thousands determined to bring democracy back to America, is disbanded and in hiding. Instead of bringing freedom to the masses, the group of would-be liberators has brought about heightened tension, increased surveillance, and a brutal crackdown of the population of Philadelphia, as the President becomes more guarded and paranoid than ever.

When the oppression becomes too much to bear, the Liberation has no choice but to take action. Gone, however, is the naïve idea of conducting a near-bloodless coup. This time they decide on a more direct approach. All-out war.

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Reader's Favorite

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5 Star Review

Reviewed by Astrid Iustulin for Readers' Favorite

The pursuit of freedom and democracy can be difficult, especially if your enemy is as evil as President Stoner. The important thing when dealing with someone like him is not to be discouraged after a failed attempt. Zammi Grainger and the other members of the Liberation have realized this and are once again ready to fight President Stoner in Mark Geatches' Liberation Rising, the second book in America's Second Revolution series. Will the Liberation be successful this time? It is up to you to find out, following our heroes through the twists and turns that will accompany them to the end.

A book like Liberation Rising is not for the faint of heart. It shows readers that the fight for freedom and democracy is not an easy one. Even when the heroes (and I) believed their fight was over, an unexpected situation brought them back into play, adding more to what was already a compelling story. Mark Geatches has written a book full of events, and the final twist occurs just before the end. This way of writing is what makes me say, "What a great book!" I also like that the adventures are told in the first person by Zammi himself. It helps me connect with him and know more about his thoughts. It also gives me the impression of knowing his friends better. I believe this is another reason why Liberation Rising is such a great read. It keeps you in suspense and makes you feel like you are a member of the Liberation. I recommend readers to pick up Mark Geatches' book and fight with its heroes.

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